Your leads (also called contacts) are some of your most important business assets! To migrate from your old account, export your leads to a CSV file. To keep your leads organized, it may be helpful to export them in groups to more than one file and name the files clearly so they can be used correctly later.

Lead export suggestions for easy import to Kartra:

  • Include list subscription and/or tags in the export file(s) OR export separate files for each segmentation group.
  • Export blocked leads that cannot be mailed to a separate file.
    • You may wish to keep a record on your computer of these leads for financial reporting but not import them to Kartra.
  • Export leads to separate files depending on their GDPR status. 
    • During the lead import process, Kartra will ask you to confirm whether your leads have given their consent to be mailed under GDPR and similar regulations. It may be useful to import leads separately to allow the correct declaration if the consent status varies.

When all your leads are downloaded and saved to CSV files, you can import them into your Kartra account.

Tip: Kartra's lead import will not accept a CSV file that contains more than 60 columns with data in them. To prevent errors, you can delete extra columns in your file before starting the import.