Web pages and custom content from other platforms cannot be imported or uploaded to Kartra. Pages hosted by Kartra are built using an integrated page builder.

When you are preparing to migrate your business, keep track of the web pages (either full websites or individual landing pages) that you want to reproduce in Kartra and those you no longer need.

For the pages you want to reproduce in Kartra:

  • Save a copy of all the language in a text editor such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or another app you prefer.
  • Save the URLs of any links on the pages so they can be reproduced.
  • Make note of the fonts used, including font size, and the hex codes or RGD values of any special colors on the page.

Depending on the tools available in your old account, download all your images and media to your computer or right-click on each image and save them to your computer.

Download and save any videos that you want to republish in Kartra.

Finally, it can be helpful to take screenshots or create PDFs of the original published pages as a reference for the design and layout.