Course content from other platforms cannot be imported or uploaded to Kartra. Courses and similar content directories are custom-built using Kartra's integrated membership builder.

If you have an existing course that you want to bring to Kartra, it is best to wait until it is fully rebuilt in a Kartra membership before canceling your old hosting account. This will ensure minimal downtime for any customers still using the content in your old host.

Prepare to rehost your course:

  • Save the full contents of your existing course, including the directory structure, all text, media, downloads, etc.
    • As with pages, it can be helpful to take screenshots of your existing course designs so you have them available as a reference when you begin rebuilding it in Kartra.
  • Take some time to plan any changes you want to make to the course structure or content.
    • Kartra memberships offer the following directory structure: Categories > Subcategories > Posts
  • Complete as many updates to the content as possible before starting to build it out in Kartra.
  • Identify and export all members currently using your course that you will need to reinstate in Kartra.