Caution: Domain changes may cause your business to be unavailable online until the domain is reconnected and associated with a page or other asset Kartra.

You can connect custom domains to your Kartra account and use the domain to customize the URLs for content like pages, memberships, calendars, and more.

A custom business domain ensures that your branding is always visible when people visit your content online.

For minimal downtime, wait until all your essential content (web pages, memberships, etc) is set up in Kartra before changing the DNS settings for a domain that is already in use somewhere else.

If you're not sure whether your domain is already in use, an easy way to check is simply to open an internet browser and visit the domain. If you see a website or any other content owned by your business, then the domain is in use.

To use it with Kartra, the domain must be pointed away from the existing content and directed to Kartra instead. If you plan to keep some content on an external host as well as using Kartra, you may prefer to create and connect a subdomain instead.

For more information about how this works, you can reach out to the support team for your domain hosting service. They can discuss your current domain configuration and what your options are.