From Novice to Ninja with Joe Charles

Join Joe Charles, a Kartra Certified Partner and skilled copywriter, in our exclusive webinar on copywriting and lead generation. In this Novice to Ninja session, Joe will guide you through the art of crafting compelling emails and lead magnets using Kartra. 

Learn the importance of email copywriting, gain practical tips for busy entrepreneurs, and discover how to effortlessly set up a lead generation funnel. This webinar is an excellent opportunity to transform your business communication and elevate your email marketing strategy.

Headshot of Joe Charles

Joe Charles, based in London, leverages his Technology Management degree to help coaches, consultants, and authors build their online businesses using Kartra and copywriting.

Passionate about optimizing solutions with Kartra's unified platform, Joe simplifies digital tools, allowing clients to control their destinies without juggling multiple applications. A fun fact: Joe loves movies but avoids trailers to enjoy the story as it unfolds.

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Novice to Ninja is an educational series of webinars presented in partnership with Kartra Certified Experts to help you learn more about using Kartra to its full potential. Watch the replays on demand in Kartra's learning center.