Kartra's Campaign marketplace is a directory of user-created content available inside your Kartra account. Campaigns submitted to the marketplace must comply with publishing rules and pass a quality review.

Publishing rules

1. The campaign must be complete and include a variety assets (images, videos, tags, sequences, pages, forms, etc.) that can be used by any other Kartra user. Single asset submissions must be complete and generic in design, suitable for use by any other user. Pages or campaigns with content specific to one business or product will not be approved.

2. No campaign shall be approved or allowed to remain in the Marketplace if it includes trademarked content or use of Genesis Digital intellectual property without specific written permission.

3. The campaign description should include detailed information about what purpose it serves, the niche/niches for which it was created, and a list of everything included. There should be no questions about the campaign left unanswered. If the reviewer does not understand it, neither will a novice Kartra user.

4. No campaign shall be approved or allowed to remain in the Marketplace if use of any Genesis Digital products, logos, names, or images is discovered at any time. It cannot appear that the campaign was created by Genesis Digital, or represents Genesis Digital in any way.

5. Campaign content, images, descriptions, etc. must not violate the Genesis Digital AUP, EULA or TOS.

6. A campaign that is not meant to be used and customized by other users shall not be approved. For example, if a user is selling their book, and submits it to the Campaign Marketplace in an effort to increase the chance that someone else will see it and buy it (the book), the campaign will be declined. Conversely, if a user is selling a complete Book Funnel that is meant to be customized for any author who wishes to sell their own book online, that is eligible for approval.

Marketplace review and approval

Marketplace submissions are reviewed and responded to within 1-2 business days. When a decision is made, you will receive an email with the details.

  • If the campaign is approved, it will go live immediately
  • If it is denied, you can make any necessary updates and submit it again
  • While you are waiting for approval, you can share your campaign manually using the share code