Use Campaign templates to get a jump start on your first marketing launch.

Campaign templates deploy full funnels

To find a campaign for your industry or goal:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Available campaigns
  2. Browse or search the templates available for you to deploy
  3. Each one includes everything needed to launch a complete marketing campaign. Just deploy, customize, and you’re ready to launch!

Click the three dots on a campaign tile to view a summary of the included component types.

View asset types in the campaign

Deploy a campaign template

  1. Choose the campaign you want to use
  2. Click Deploy campaign on the asset tile
    • Enter a unique prefix for the deployment. The prefix is added to the name of every asset created in your account by this deployment.
    • Edit the campaign name if desired. (Optional)
    • Click Import to start the deployment.

With each deployment, a copy of the campaign is created in your account. You will recognize the new pages, forms, etc., because they will be named with the prefix you chose.

When all the new assets have been created, a pop-up window will appear in your account with instructions for where to find each piece of the campaign and how to customize them.

Don't forget to add your brand and personality! The framework and configurations have all been created for you, but you should review the complete process and customize it to make it a reflection of you.