Team members are extra user profiles for your account that allow other people to log in and work on your content or settings. Set up team member roles to restrict or limit access to specific areas in your account.

Member roles let you give other people access to only the areas of your account that they need. For example, a support team member might only need access to your Helpdesks, while a web page designer could need access to Pages and Media.

To create or edit member roles, go to Team members:

  1. Click the Profile avatar in the top-right corner of your account
  2. Select Team members
  3. Click the Member roles tab at the top-right of the page contents
  4. Click the add Role button on the bottom right or the pencil icon to edit an existing role
  5. In the Role access screen, use the checkboxes to select or deselect areas of your account until the selections are limited to those needed for the role.
    • Check a box to allow viewing and editing permission in an area
    • Uncheck a box to block permission to an area completely
  6. Click Create/Edit to save the role
  7. After creating a role, create a new team member profile to use it or edit an existing team member

Important: Team members have full access to view, edit, delete, and download (where applicable) content in the account areas enabled for their role.

Never give anyone access to your account that you don’t trust.

Example of a support role

To support your customers well, a support team member might need access to view lead details, information about billing transactions or subscriptions, and access to the helpdesk to answer tickets and operate live chat.

Example of a team member support role

Notice that some configuration areas like canned responses are turned off for this example. In that case, the support member will not be able to edit the canned responses added to your helpdesk, but they will be able to use the saved responses that were created for them.

Pro tip

Always test a new role after setting it up to confirm it gives your team members the correct access, especially for high-touch areas like customer support. Make sure you empower your team to do their best work!

You can assign the role to a team member and then log in as the member to test it or work in collaboration to complete a test.

What team members see

After logging in, team members see a modified version of the Kartra dashboard (shown below). They can not see your sales or other analytics in the dashboard.

Main dashboard contains no data for a team member

When trying to access an area they do not have permission for, a team member will see an alert notifying them that they do not have access (shown below).

All menus are visible to team members regardless of their access permissions, but they cannot see the content or dashboards for any areas you did not include in their role.

Access permission blocked for a team member

Any area of the account where the team member does have access will appear exactly as you see them when logged in as the owner.