Configure pop-up windows from the page Settings to add content frames to the page that are triggered when a visitor arrives (lands) on the page or starts to leave (exits).

Click Settings > Popups in the left-side menu of the page builder to access them.

Example of a Pop Up in Kartra

Landing pop ups appear when someone loads the page.

  • Choose the number of seconds to delay the window from appearing
  • Choose whether to display the pop up on every visit or only the first. 

Exit pop ups appear when a visitor moves their cursor toward the top edge of their browser on a computer or scrolls up on mobile (possibly to exit the tab or enter a new URL).

  • Choose whether to display the pop up every time the visitor starts to leave the page or only the first.

Customize the pop ups

If either type of pop-up is activated, a selection of templates will be available. Drag and drop a template into the page and customize it as desired.

Orange edit buttons over the component

  • Hover over each component in the window to access the editing options.
  • Add additional components or columns from the page builder menu as desired, such as additional text boxes, images, buttons, and more.
  • Click Done to dismiss the window when you are done.
    • Click the blue gear icon on the right edge of the canvas to delete a pop up completely.

If you need to edit it again, return to Settings > Popups and click either landing or exit pop up to access the one you need.