Kartra AI Features

Currently, we offer AI writing tools to help you quickly create content in two types of builders:

  • Page builder
  • Email and SMS composer (available in Broadcasts, Sequences, and all other email composers)

How do I write a prompt for the AI?

Think of a prompt like giving directions to a friend. If you give clear and specific directions, your friend will know exactly what to do. But if your directions are confusing or vague, your friend might get lost.

Similarly, when you give a good prompt to AI, you're telling it exactly what you want it to do. This helps the AI understand your request and give you the best possible response. You can ask it to include specifics about a marketing promotion, the benefits of your offer, speak to a certain audience, etc.

To write a good prompt for AI, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be Clear and Specific: Clearly state what you want the AI to do. Don't leave any room for confusion.
  • Provide Context: Give the AI any background information needed to understand the task better.
  • Avoid Ambiguity: Try to avoid vague or ambiguous language that could lead to misunderstandings.
  • Keep it Concise: Make your prompt as short and to the point as possible while still including all the necessary instructions.

If the results you get aren’t exactly what you want, try again! With practice, your results will get better and better.

How do I know if the AI content is accurate?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a complex science that can produce incredibly “intelligent” output. However, AI is not a substitute for human insight and expertise and can make mistakes. 

We recommend that you always review the copy produced by Kartra AI for accuracy, especially when the content is fact-based or has high importance.

Why don’t my results reflect what I asked for?

Kartra AI processes each request based on a combination of the prompt entered in the builder and the contents of your AI Business Settings. The results you get may reflect the prompt or the business settings more strongly, depending on the contents of each. To adjust, try running the AI again and toggle the business settings off.

Billing and Usage

  • If you have a Kartra subscription, congratulations! All plans include access to Kartra AI tools.
  • The usage limit resets monthly and is shared by all account users (the account owner and all team members). 
  • Usage limits for Kartra AI vary by plan and can be checked on your account’s Billing page. Look for the “Monthly AI uses” counter at the top of the page to see your current usage and check the limits for other plans in the pricing table below.

What counts as an AI use?

Every time you submit a request and receive a response from Kartra AI (by clicking “Use Kartra AI” or “Regenerate”), that counts as an AI use.

Data Privacy

Keeping your data safe is important to us! Please avoid sharing any sensitive information in your prompts. To improve the product, Kartra logs and stores your prompts, generated language, and usage metrics when you use Kartra AI. Kartra shares your prompts with OpenAI in order to enable your use of this tool and OpenAI will store your prompts for content moderation purposes. Your prompts will be attributable to you. By using this tool, you agree to comply with Kartra's Terms of Service as well as OpenAI’s Usage Policies, Content Policy, and Sharing & Publication Policy.