Tags are labels for your leads that organize them and add flexibility to email and automation options. Add tags automatically based on a lead’s activities or manually in any way you choose.

Tags are fully internal, meaning that your leads can not see the tags assigned to them. Only you and your team can see the tags you create.

Example of tags designed to track billing status:

Tags add organizational labels to your contacts

Tip: Click the number in the "leads tagged" column to see all leads who have the tag.

There are many ways to add tags to your leads:

  • During a batch lead import
  • Based on a form submission or other interaction with your content
  • One at a time in an individual lead profile
  • With an automation rule

Tags are used as a segmentation condition in many contexts:

  • As a trigger or condition for an automation rule
  • To define the recipients for an email
  • As a split condition in an automated sequence flow
  • etc

Create tags based on any type of activity, condition, or behavior you want to track. Tags are incredibly flexible and useful tools in your campaigns. For example, add tags automatically:

  • To segment a high-value segment of your audience
  • To flag every customer who gets a refund
  • To indicate a level of engagement when someone watches a video all the way through

You can add tags manually as well, to do everything from indicating a level of interest on a sales call to giving a prospective customer temporary access to a course.

Create tags

  1. Go to Tags and click the add Tag button in the lower right corner
  2. Enter a name for the tag (Private)
  3. Choose a color for the tag by clicking the gray circle to the right of the name field (Optional)
  4. Enter a description. This appears as a tooltip when you hover over the tag.
  5. Select or create a category
  6. Click the checkbox to set an expiration for the tag (Optional). Learn more about using expiring tags.

Create a new tag