Custom field responses can be used to customize and refine many tasks in Kartra. Look for “Custom field…” or “Lead’s custom field…” as filtering options throughout your account.

To get you started, this article introduces a few common uses.

Set email recipients based on custom field response

Use custom fields to select the recipient group for a broadcast email

During the email configuration for a broadcast or sequence email, choose “Custom field…” from the recipients filter, then the field and value you want to filter for.

In the example above, the broadcast email will be sent to all leads who are subscribed to a Summit Attendees list AND brought a guest (the custom field value). The “brought guest” response was collected when attendees registered for the event.

Add personalized content to an email from a custom field

Use custom fields as dynamic variables in email content

Open any email composer's dynamic variables panel on the left side when creating a new message (available in both Text and Rich HTML mode).

  1. At the bottom of the panel, click the pencil icon next to Custom field
  2. Select a custom field from the dropdown menu to display the corresponding dynamic variable
  3. Copy the variable and paste it into the body or subject of your email (shown in the previous image)

When the email is sent, the variable will be automatically replaced with the unique response to that custom field for each person who receives the message.

Assign a tag based on a custom field response

Select custom field as a form automation condition

Add a basic automation in the form setup wizard that tells Kartra to assign a tag to the lead when they complete the form and have or don’t have a certain custom field response.

IF Lead fills this form AND Lead’s custom field [Your field] IS/IS NOT [Field value]

THEN Assign tag [Your tag]