An HTML tracking code is provided at the end of a product setup wizard. This code tracks visits and calculates conversion rates on the product sales page.

Get the conversion tracking code

There are two ways to get the conversion tracking code for your product.

  1. At the end of the product setup wizard, copy the code snippet in the “what’s next” module.

    Copy the embed tracking code and place it on your sales page
  2. From the Products dashboard, navigate to the product.
    • Click the < > Tracking button on the asset module.
    • Copy the code from the Product tracking code window.

Click the code icon in the products dashboard to get the code

Install the conversion tracking code

Pro tip

Hover over “landing page” in the prompt at the end of the product setup wizard to see a product page reference, or go to the Pages step in the product wizard to confirm the selection.

The method you will use to install the code depends on the type of page used as the product page.

Kartra-hosted product page

Paste the conversion tracking code in the Kartra page settings

  1. Go to Pages and open the sales page for your product
  2. In the left side menu, click Settings > Tracking codes
  3. Paste the code in the <body> field under “Embed tracking code into the <body>”
  4. Apply changes and publish the page

External product page

  1. Log in to the hosting service where your external product page is located and open the page for editing.
  2. Paste the Kartra product code inside the <body></body> section of the external page source code. Depending on your external page editor, you may have a dedicated field for this or you can add the code snippet directly to your source code. 
    • If you are unsure how to edit your external page's source code, contact your web implementation team or hosting service for help. HTML coding knowledge may be required.

Conversion analytics

The tracking code installed with this guide allows Kartra to track visits to a checkout form on a product sales page and calculate the conversion rate – i.e., the number of visits that result in a sale. 

In Sales Analytics:

  • Visits to the product page appear in the Visitors column.
  • Conversion and Profit-per-Click rates are calculated based on the number of visits that result in a sale.

Conversion tracking code shows the percent of visitors who make a purchase

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