Sales invoices are auto-generated by Kartra based on the information in your profile (the seller), the information your customer enters in a checkout (the buyer), and the details of the purchased product.

Use this article to understand where the details on an invoice come from and what can be changed.

Example of a Kartra sales invoice

Example invoice. Click to enlarge.

Seller details

The seller information (#1 in example image) on an invoice contains:

  • Company logo
  • Company name
  • Account profile first and last name
  • Account profile address, city, postal code, country, and state

To change the seller details, update your account profile:

  1. Visit your Profile
  2. Under Contact details, enter a preferred name and mailing address
  3. Under Business details, add a logo, enter the company name, and a tax identification number
  4. Save your changes in the top right corner of the page
  5. Answer your Security question to authorize the changes

Note: Changes to your profile will not retroactively update existing invoices. You will see the new information on invoices generated after the change.

Buyer details

Buyer details (#2 in example image) on an invoice are populated with the information a buyer enters in the checkout form when they complete a purchase. 

Update the Product configuration to change the fields shown in the checkout to collect more or less information from the buyer.

  1. Visit Products
  2. Locate and open the product for editing
  3. Go to the Checkout step
  4. Open and update the Checkout fields module
  5. Click Save and Next to complete and close the product wizard

Product details

To change the product details (#3 in example image), update your Product configuration. The information displayed on the invoice includes:

  • Official name of the product
  • Price of the purchased price point in the currency of your account
  • Discount amount (if applicable)
  • Tax rate and amount (if applicable)