Use Campaigns to share or sell the content you create in Kartra. You can package fully configured marketing funnels, page and email templates, and any other creative content built on the Kartra framework.

Before you begin:

  • Verify that all the pieces of the campaign or packet you want to share are finished and work as they should. Test all connected pieces to ensure that they work together and there are no broken pathways.
  • Confirm that you either own all intellectual content used in the assets or that you have the rights to distribute and/or sell them.
  • Recommended: If the campaign you are sharing has interconnected pieces that all rely on each other to create a specific outcome (such as an opt-in funnel), create a visual funnel map showing how the pieces fit together.

To create the campaign package:

  1. Go to Campaigns > My campaigns
  2. Click the add Campaign button to create a new one
  3. Add a name, description, and author credit for the campaign. These details are public.
  4. Add a cover image or introduction video. These display on the front of the campaign module when someone adds it to their account.
  5. At the Assets step of the wizard, add every piece of content you want to include in the campaign package.

    Add and save all the assets in a campaign
    • If you created a visual funnel map for the campaign, add it to the package at this step. Find it under Funnels.
    • Save the Assets step when you have confirmed that every piece is linked.
  6. At the Marketplace step, choose whether to list your campaign publicly or keep it private. This is one way you can choose to sell the campaign.
  7. Complete the campaign wizard

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