Create custom page templates in two formats:

  • Whole pages
  • Page sections

To save a whole page as a template, open it in the Page Builder:

    1. Click Actions and Save as template

Save As Template Button dropdown

To use your custom template, go to Pages and click the +Page button:

Click My templates to access your custom designs

  1. Click the My templates tab in the top right corner of the library
  2. Select your preferred template to create a new page

Pro tip

You can also manage your custom templates from this area! Click the X to delete any you no longer need, but be careful–deleted templates cannot be restored.

To save a page section as a template, go to the section menu in an open page:

Click the gear icon to open the section menu and save as a favorite

  1. Click the blue gear icon to open the menu
  2. Click the heart icon to save the section as a favorite

To use your section template, click + Add section where you want to place it in the page. In the pop-up window:

  1. Click Favorites in the menu to access all saved sections
    • Pro tip: Manage your saved sections from this menu by deleting those you no longer need.
  2. Click the section you want to reuse to add it to the  page