The funnel map tool does not automatically generate the assets in the design. Use the maps you create as a guide to build the assets needed to launch the offer. The creation of a funnel does not create the content.

To plan a new funnel, open the drafting tool in your account:

  1. Go to Funnels
  2. Click the blue plus icon
  3. Enter a Name and Description for the funnel. Both fields will be visible if you share your design.

The funnel builder is a drag-and-drop canvas where you can plan elements, actions, and connections.

Sample funnel map canvas:

Example of a funnel map canvas

To create a funnel map:

  1. Add elements to the canvas from the left menu:
    1. Assets represent pages and other Kartra objects
    2. Actions represent user decisions such as a purchase or form submission
    3. Traffic components represent the sources that will bring people to your content
  2. Link the components together to map the intended flow through the funnel
  3. Add trigger references to show where automation rules happen in the flow
    Kartra funnel mapper - Add trigger indicator
  4. When the map is complete, click Actions in the top right corner of the screen
  5. Click Save and Exit

Pro tip

  • Link existing Kartra assets to the funnel components to add them to the visual context of your map.
    • Note: Only published pages will appear as available to link.
  • Select placeholder in the asset window to plan assets you will create later.
  • Placeholders are indicated by a yellow alert icon on the corner of the component. Placeholders must be replaced with live asset links if you want to use Real-time Analytics for the funnel.
    Kartra funnel mapper - Placeholder alert
  • Select external if you add a page asset to the map that represents content hosted outside your Kartra account.

Visual Walkthrough


The elements shown in the map are only a visual representation of the assets, connections, and automation triggers you create in other sections of your account.

Drawing a visual connection between asset components in the funnel map does not create a functional connection between the real assets and adding a trigger to a component does not create an automation rule.