Collaborate with your team more effectively with online status and editing indicators.

Online status

When a user logs into your account, an avatar bubble appears at the top of the dashboard interface.

Team member online bubble

  • Mouseover the avatar bubble to see who is online
    • The tooltip displays the team member’s unique username
  • See the user bubble in every primary section in your account

Pro tips

  • Status bubbles update in real time–no refreshing required!
  • Users do not see their own avatar–the status bubbles show you who is online in addition to yourself
  • Status bubbles are a general online indicator and do not show exactly where the user is in the account

Editing alert bar

When more than one user enters the same asset, an alert bar shows at the bottom of the screen with the other user’s avatar image.

Editing alert bar shows more than one user in an asset

  • Mouseover the avatar bubble(s) in the alert bar to see who is viewing the asset
  • See the alert bar in every builder and wizard in your account

Pro tips

  • The alert bar does not lock the page or prevent multiple editors
  • Use the alert to collaborate with your team and guard against overwriting each other’s work