Goal: Test every detail of the Simple List Builder funnel to see exactly how new prospects will experience their journey with you. When you are happy with what you see, your funnel will be ready to launch!

How it works

When someone visits your opt-in page and submits their information through the form, the Simple List Builder configuration responds like this:

  1. The new contact ends on the success page for your form after submitting their details, where they can download your freebie or get any other information you put there.
  2. A lead profile is created in your account to save the new email address and record their opt-in.
  3. The lead is subscribed to the Simple List Builder sequence and tagged with Simple List Builder Optin.
  4. The first email from the Simple List Builder is sent immediately. The next day, the second email is sent.

To live test your funnel:

  1. Test the opt-in page and process
    1. Go to Pages > Pages and find your opt-in page. Remember, you selected one of three versions, so look for the one you edited.
    2. Click on the three dots, then "Get code or link" and grab the URL for your opt-in page
    3. Visit the page in a separate browser window and submit the opt-in form. It's helpful to use a new email address for this so you ensure a fresh result. 
      • Pro tip: Many email accounts allow you unlimited modifiers, so you will always have a unique account to work with. For example, in Gmail, your email address might be joe@gmail.com 
      • You can use joe+xyz@gmail.com where xyz is any combination of letters and numbers, any length of characters... resulting in an infinite number of email addresses that are all delivered to your Gmail inbox.
    4. Confirm that you were redirected to your opt-in thank you page after submitting the form
  2. Test the success page
    1. Click the link to ensure your freemium download works on that page
  3. Verify the new contact details
    1. Go to your Leads and confirm a new lead was created. Click on their name in the leads list to open the lead profile.
    2. Check for the Tag PREFIX Simple List Builder Optin
    3. Check for the Sequence subscription to PREFIX Simple List Builder
  4. Test the sequence emails
    1. Check your email inbox to see the first sequence email
    2. Click the link in the email to ensure it goes to your download
    3. The second email sends one day later. Wait until the next day to confirm that the next one sent as expected.

That's it!  You're ready to start promoting your List Builder Funnel!