From Novice to Ninja with Tiffany Patterson

Join Tiffany Patterson, a Kartra Certified Partner and Business Systems Strategist, in this enlightening video as she unveils how to amplify your lead generation using Kartra’s email marketing tools. You’ll learn the essentials of crafting effective lead magnets tailored to your industry, setting up impactful email sequences, and optimizing your funnels to enhance lead acquisition and sales.

Tiffany will also cover the best practices for maintaining your Kartra email funnels to ensure they remain effective. This session is a must-watch for anyone looking to elevate their email marketing efforts and drive significant business growth.

Headshot of Tiffany Patterson

Tiffany Patterson, formerly a Legal Assistant at a Fortune 500 company, now leads Tiffany Michelle & Co., aiding small businesses in leveraging technology to enhance customer relations and increase revenue.

Tiffany is dedicated to helping businesses maximize Kartra to streamline marketing and operations for greater productivity and profit.

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Novice to Ninja is an educational series of webinars presented in partnership with Kartra Certified Experts to help you learn more about using Kartra to its full potential. Watch the replays on demand in Kartra's learning center.