Customize the emails sent when someone submits a support request to your Kartra helpdesks. Add your branding and customer service messaging to the global email templates.

Email notifications are global templates used by many assets in your account, so be careful when editing them. Content or messaging added to an email notification for helpdesks, for example, must be relevant to every helpdesk in your account.

  1. Go to Email notifications
  2. Use the drop-down menu in the top right or search for Helpdesk notifications

    Search for the helpdesk notifications
  3. This guide covers the messages sent when there is a reply by email vs through the helpdesk:
    • Helpdesk reply to lead (via helpdesk thread) OR
    • Helpdesk reply to lead (via email thread)

The notification template used by each helpdesk in your account depends on the setting chosen for Ticket vs Email in the helpdesk configuration.

Customize helpdesk reply templates

  1. Click the pencil icon in the Actions column for the template you want to edit on the email notifications page.
  2. Add any branding or customer service messaging you want to appear in every ticket reply notification by default. Remember, this is a global notification template.
  3. For Helpdesk reply to lead (via helpdesk thread), the default message directs the recipient to log in to the ticket portal to see the agent's response.
    • Customize the email as desired. Do not alter or delete the dynamic variables contained in the message:
      • {helpdesk_subject} - Replaced by the ticket subject.
      • {helpdesk_tickets_link} - Replaced by a link to the portal where the ticket can be accessed.
      • {login_email} - Replaced by the user’s email address.
      • {login_password} - Replaced by the user’s password for the ticket portal.
  4. For Helpdesk reply to lead (via email thread), some special components are needed to allow the recipient to see the reply and respond from their email inbox:

    Special objects in the reply by email template
    • The dynamic variable {helpdesk_vendor_reply} will be replaced by your support agent’s response. It is required in the template – do not alter or delete it.
    • A “Reply above this line” separator is included to help Kartra correctly identify a new message. Do not delete this separator.

Test the notification template

  1. Submit a ticket to the helpdesk using the method you have configured (either by email or through the ticket portal).
  2. From the ticket management area in your Kartra account, reply to the ticket.
  3. Go to the email inbox for the address you used to submit the ticket and open the reply to see how your template changes look.