Google’s Calendar and Meet apps can be linked with Kartra calendars for appointment tracking and online meeting rooms.

How to integrate Google Calendar and Meet with Kartra

You will need a Google account to complete this guide. Learn how to create an account

Create Kartra integration

  1. Go to Integrations
    • Tip: Use the drop-down menu in the top right to filter by Calendar or Meeting integrations or search for Google.
  2. Click the three dots to open the menu on any Google tile and select + New integration

    Integrate Google calendar
    • A green checkmark on the integration tile means at least one integration is already active for the service. You can add more than one.
  3. In the New calendar integration window, click Connect Google. A new window opens on the Google website, where you can select or log in to an account and authorize the connection.

    Authorize the connection between Kartra and Google
  4. Click Allow to authorize the connection between Kartra and Google. All permissions are required to complete the integration.

Pro tip

When the connection is complete, Google will be available in your Kartra Calendar options.