Use time segments to add milestones to a Kartra video. This creates a chapter structure that gives viewers an understanding of what's coming up and a way to navigate easily to individual sections. The chapter label appears over the progress bar when the viewer moves their cursor over each marked segment.

Time segments in the video playback

To create chapters in your video, edit or create a new video:

  1. Go to Media > Videos
  2. Click the add Videobutton in the bottom right or open an existing video by clicking the three dots on the asset tile
    • If adding a new video, upload the video file to begin. Time segments cannot be defined until the video upload is complete.

Define time segments to create chapters in the video setup

  1. Open Time segments then + Time segments to add or edit the timestamps
    • Add a timestamp and title for each chapter. Click the checkmark to save each one and close the window.

      Define the timestamp and a title for each segment
  2. Open Settings and make sure Show controls is toggled ON. If controls are turned off, the time segments will not display.
  3. Click Publish video when you are finished configuring the video.

Pro tip

Time segments mark a single milestone in a video, rather than a block of time. Because of this, there is no start or end time for a chapter label.