Use automations to perform a variety of follow-up actions after a lead completes a survey or quiz with a certain score.


Before adding an automation that references a survey score, the survey configuration must already be complete.

Start by finishing all other steps to create a survey and complete the configuration. Then open the wizard again to add a score automation.

Open an existing survey in Surveys

  1. Go to the Basic automations step in the wizard and open the Basic automations module
  2. Click + New automation
  3. Add IF Lead completes this survey then AND Lead’s survey score is
    • Select this survey to define the score criteria. If the survey configuration is incomplete, it will not be available to select.
  4. Add a THEN selection to specify the follow-up action you want to execute (ie, granting membership access, adding a tag, subscribing to a list, etc.)
  5. Save the automation and finish the setup wizard

Create an automation based on a survey or quiz score

Tip: You can also create a Lead's survey score rule in Advanced automations. Advanced automations are included with the Kartra Growth plan and above.