By default, your courses and other membership content can be seen online at an auto-generated URL with your account’s Kartra subdomain. 

To change this, you can edit the link for the login page and apply a custom domain.

  • Default domain example:
  • Custom domain example:

Important: You must have a custom domain connected to your account before you can apply it to any asset links.

Locate the URL for your membership

The domain used for your login page is also applied to the rest of the membership. Every page in your membership content will have the same domain name in its browser address.

If you are using the default login page, edit the membership login URL:

  1. In Memberships, click the three dots on an asset tile to open its menu

    Open the asset menu and click Login link to update the URL
  2. Click Login link, then Member login to access link editing

If you are using a custom login page, edit the page URL:

  1. In Pages, click the three dots on the login page tile to open its menu

    Open the asset menu and click Get code or link to edit the URL
  2. Click Get code or link, then Get the page link to access link editing

Edit the link to add your domain

The link editing process is the same for both memberships and pages. Here is an example of the link editing options in the membership asset:

Click the pencil to edit the member login link and update the whole membership domain.

Follow the steps above to access link editing in the asset you are using for the login page, then update the URL and save your changes:

  1. Click the pencil icon to the right of the URL field
  2. Click the first field and select a custom domain from the dropdown
  3. Customize the URL slug in the second field (enter a custom name)
  4. Click the checkmark icon to save the new URL and then close the window

Your custom domain name will appear in the browser address bar for every page or post in your membership:

Custom domain name in your browser address bar