Team members are user profiles for other people who work in your account. Protect the security of your account and create unique login credentials for each person on your team with roles that limit their access permissions.

Use team members if you have a virtual assistant, a design contractor, a support team, or anyone else who needs access to your account to help run your business.

To add a team member to your account:

  1. Click the Profile avatar in the top-right corner of your account
  2. Select Team members
  3. Click the add Member button on the bottom right
  4. In the setup window, set the team member's role and credentials:
    • Select a Member role. The role limits the areas in your account the team member will have access to. If there are no roles defined, click "Create role" to create one. Learn more about creating roles.
    • Enter a Public username
    • Click the user avatar to upload a profile photo (Optional)
    • Enter a First and Last name
    • Enter an Email address for password recovery
    • Enter a Password
  5. Save the profile

Pro tip

Your team member's public username will be a combination of the unique name entered in the new member screen and the username of your account.

Example: if you create a user "joe" in an account with the username "bigcompany," Joe's full public username will be "joe@bigcompany."