Check your plan

Custom Code is included with Kartra Growth, Professional, and Enterprise plans. Review or change your subscription in your account Billing.

To add custom code to a Kartra page, first choose a code container:

  • Click +Add Section > Your Code to add a full width code section to the page
  • Click Components > Your Code to drag and drop a code container into columns on the page

Your Code Widget to enter custom code

To add your code:

  1. Hover over the code area where indicated in the builder
  2. Click the orange pencil edit button to open the source code editor

Enter Source Code box appears with helper message for guidance.

Follow the instructions in the tooltip to place your code inside the tags: <div data-embed="true"> YOUR CODE HERE </div>

For example:

Example of Source Code input

Click save and your custom code is added to the page!

You can also edit the code of whole sections inside Kartra pages.

  • Click the blue gear icon on right edge of a section to access the Section menu
  • Select Edit source code < >.

Please note: Custom code editing is provided for advanced users with code experience. Custom code or source code editing is outside the scope of Kartra's support team. It is provided as an extra option for your use but cannot be fixed by our support agents if something is broken due to its use.

  • If you are testing custom code in your pages, it is highly recommended to clone your page first.