This will allow you to cancel a subscription inside Kartra. You can pass either the Kartra Transaction ID or the Kartra Subscription ID.


* Required fields ** Required either the transaction_id OR transaction_internal_subscription_id in order for a subscription to be correctly identified and canceled. Here is an example:

'actions' => [
    '0' => [
        'cmd' => 'cancel_transaction',
        'transaction_id' => 234161

Success message:


Result parameters:

transaction_subscription_idstring A unique identifier for the subscription id (PayPal transactions will return PayPal subscription id).
transaction_internal_subscription_idinteger A unique numeric identifier for the subscription id.
Error Cases:
Type NumberMessageCause
248Subscription doesn’t exist
  • The subscription you are trying to cancel does not exist in our database.
249Transaction not linked to any recurring subscription
  • The transaction is not part of a payment subscription.
252Subscription already cancelled
  • The subscription you are trying to cancel is already cancelled.
253This type of transaction cannot be refunded or cancelled
  • The transaction is not a sale or a rebill type, or is a test transaction.
267Cancellation has failed
  • The cancellation process encountered an unexpected issue.
An example of an error message:
  "status": "Error",
  "message": "Subscription already cancelled",
  "type": "252"