Membership content is organized using categories, subcategories, and posts.

  • Categories are the top directory level in a membership. They contain subcategories OR posts.
  • Subcategories are the second directory level. They contain posts only.
  • Posts contain the content of your course or other product. Add text, images, video, and more to posts.

To create the directory structure in a membership, launch the builder:

  1. Open the membership for editing from Memberships
  2. Go to the Content step of the wizard and click Launch builder

Add categories and subcategories

  1. Hover over the navigation bar until a pencil icon appears at the right edge of the area
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the membership navigation
    • Add and manage categories
    • Add and manage subcategories

Add posts

The left sidebar in the membership builder contains the drag-and-drop components used to add content to the page.

  1. In the top navigation bar, click to open the category or subcategory where you want to add a post
  2. In the left component menu, look for the Content section
  3. Click and drag New post into the builder canvas
    • Drag the component to an orange Drop here zone. When the zone turns green, release your cursor to place the post.
    • Drag items from the Post contents section of the component menu to add content and customize the post.

Pro tip

Hover over the posts in the membership builder to reorder, edit, clone, or delete them

  • From the edit window, change the post title, description, or move to a different category or subcategory
  • Warning: Deleted posts cannot be restored–use with caution