Plivo integration requires an account Auth ID and Auth Token from Plivo to integrate into Kartra. 

Please Note: This means most issues dealing with these codes will need to be solved via Plivo and Plivo support. 

Go to Integrations in your Kartra account and access the "+ New integration" option within the Plivo setup:

Plivo integration

Log in to Plivo in a separate tab to get started:

  1. Look for your account Auth ID and Auth Token. They will most likely be on your main dashboard (shown in the next image).
    • If you cannot locate them, contact Plivo support for help.

Plivo 03

Please Note: Plivo may change their website from what appears in this document, but the information should still be obtainable through their system.

Go back to Kartra and complete the configuration:

Integrate Plivo with Kartra

  • Gateway name: Name your integration. This is to help you identify it in your account.
  • Auth ID: Copy and paste from your Plivo account
  • Auth Token: Copy and paste from your Plivo account
  • Send-from Phone number: Enter the phone number SMS messages will be sent from.
    • Important: The "Send from" number is typically generated by your SMS provider and should not be an arbitrary number. Please check your SMS provider for details on what your "Send from" number should be.

Send yourself a test SMS to confirm that the gateway is connected properly. The test must be sent to a live phone number that is capable of receiving text messages.

Click Create in the top right corner of the window to save the integration.

If you are unable to find the necessary information (such as Authorization ID or token) on Plivo, please contact Plivo support. 

If your Plivo Auth. ID and/or Token do not work via Kartra (but is accurate according to Plivo support), please contact Kartra support.