Enter the Webinar

  1. Open the live room webinar link from the Schedule and click Continue in the upper right.
  2. Click Start the test in the upper right to test your video and audio signals.
  3. Click Enter room in the upper right and get familiar with the settings.

Kartra Webinar Room Settings

Room Settings

  1. Go live button - start and end your live event
  2. Panic button - create a new webinar room and move all attendees there
  3. Turn video on and off
  4. Turn audio on and off
  5. Apply background effects to your on-camera view
  6. Turn screen share on and off
  7. Turn whiteboard on and off
  8. Blue star icon identifies you as a webinar presenter
  9. Enter full screen mode 

4. Click the gear icon to adjust your webinar interaction settings

  • Toggle on the chat
  • Allow, public, private, or both public and private chat messages
  • Display the number of attendees in the live room
  • Allow attendees the ability to request to speak
  • Change the design of your live feed and screen colors 

5. Use interaction features to enhance your presentation.


Kartra webinar chat Q&A and Chat window

Chat lets your audience send public and private messages and ask questions. Webinar administrators can highlight messages or mark them as tips, answer questions, and display a sticky message for the duration of the webinar above the chat.


Kartra Webinar Polls configuration

Run polls and share results with attendees.


Kartra webinars offer pop-up

Offers pop product offers over the chat and can display an offer countdown.


Kartra Webinar Videos configuration

Videos let you share prerecorded content anytime during your webinar. 


Kartra webinar file sharing

Files share a download link for the file with your attendees.


Kartra webinar slides and presentations

Slides launch a slide presentation. 

You will lose all transition and animation effects from your original presentation, but you can choose transitions to add within the Slides feature as you present.


Kartra webinar invite attendees to speak

Speak allows your attendees to request to speak on camera. If approved, speakers count as co-presenters and your plan limits apply.