The information provided in this article applies to purchases and payments made for Genesis Digital products, such as your subscription to the Kartra app.


Is there VAT, GST, or other sales tax for cloud-based SaaS products?

Yes. SaaS companies like Genesis Digital are required to collect and remit sales taxes in some countries or states. The billing address entered in a purchase checkout is used to determine whether tax must be collected and at what rate. Once you create your Kartra account, reach out to our team for account specific tax questions based on your businesses locations and exemption status. 

Is VAT, GST, or other sales tax included in the price of the product I purchased?

No, taxes are not included in the base pricing of any Genesis Digital product. If your billing address is in a country or state where tax is required, a separate line item will appear on your receipt with the amount and percentage charged.

How do I know if I will be charged tax?

A tax percentage will appear at checkout or on your invoice if it has been determined that Genesis Digital is required to collect and remit any type of tax for your payment.

To understand in advance whether your purchase of a cloud-based SaaS product will be subject to tax, please seek guidance from your country or state’s tax authority.

I am based in the United States and am tax-exempt. How can I have the sales tax removed from my invoice?

If you are tax-exempt, please contact our support team and attach a copy of your exemption certificate. They will help you with the next steps!

My country has a business-to-business (B2B) VAT clause. Do I still have to pay VAT?

If your country has implemented a B2B VAT clause that requires businesses to pay VAT independently AND you have added your VAT ID to your profile or at checkout, VAT will not be added to your payment(s).

If a tax amount appears on your next invoice under these conditions, please contact support for assistance.

I moved to a country or state that does not require sales tax on SaaS products, how do I remove it from my subscription?

To change the location associated with your subscription, you must cancel your existing subscription and repurchase to create a new billing agreement. In the checkout form, enter your new billing address located in the new home country.

Contact our support team for assistance or questions about this process.

I have added my business tax identification number, will the tax I paid be refunded?

When you have added a valid VAT or GST identification number to your account, a refund for any taxes paid will be issued if applicable. Please contact support to request a refund of the tax.

Is tax collected in Canada?

Yes. Genesis Digital is required to collect federal (GST/HST) and (if applicable) provincial (PST/QST) sales tax on all products. Applicable taxes appear as a single combined line item on your invoice. 

If a valid federal business number is provided, sales tax will be suppressed on all new invoices. To do this, add a valid federal business tax number (GST/HST) to your account profile with the format 123456789XX1234.