The API system will search in your account for the lead subscribed under that specific email, and it will deduct the specified points from his or her profile.  


* Required fields Here is an example:

'lead' => [
    'email' => ''
'actions' => [
    '0' => [
        'cmd' => 'remove_points_from_lead',
        'points' => 1

Success message:

  "status": "Success",
  "message": "Points removed from lead",
  "type": "106"
Error Cases:
Type NumberMessageCause
228Points is not a number
  • 'points' parameter needs to be a numeric value.
217Points cannot be empty
  • 'points' parameter it is mandatory and cannot be empty.
An example of an error message:
  "status": "Error",
  "message": "Points cannot be empty",
  "type": "217"