Launch the sequence builder from Communications > Communications > Sequences

The steps in a sequence are connected in the order that a subscriber will progress through them. If steps are disconnected or inactive, they (and their emails or actions) will be skipped.

Activate sequence steps

When you add a new step to your sequence, it is inactive by default. Each step must be activated before it can perform its configured function.

  1. Drag a step into the canvas from the sidebar
  2. Complete the configuration and save the step

    Activate new sequences steps
  3. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the step and select Activate
    • Open the menu again if you want to Deactivate the step later

Connect steps in the sequence path

Connect the sequence steps in the order you want people to move through them.

Draw a connection between steps with your mouse

  1. Use your cursor to click the grey connection node on one step
  2. Drag your cursor to the corresponding grey node on the next step
  3. Drop the connection arrow when both nodes turn yellow. An arrow shows the connection between them.

Important: Don't forget to connect the first step to the Starting Rules module! Draw the connection with your mouse, just like joining individual steps.