Custom domains let you replace Kartra-based URLs from your account with your brand. While Kartra can redirect visitors to your designated pages, it is not a domain registrar.

Once your custom domain is connected, you will need to edit the Kartra page URLs for your assets in order to change them from the Kartra domain to your business domain address.

  1. When you publish a page, the system will prompt the default Kartra-hosted link. Click the pencil icon on the right to edit the link.
  2. Select your domain from the drop-down field
  3. Type your desired page name
  4. Click the checkmark on the right to Save

Edit the page link to customize with your own domain

In this example, the page will be hosted at


Custom domains can’t be applied to tracking links, such as

  • Product Tracking Links
  • Page Split Tests
  • Affiliate Promotion Links

Visitors need to visit the Kartra URL to be tracked appropriately.