Kartra lists are broad segmentation groups that your contacts can subscribe to or unsubscribe from. It can be helpful to think of them as containers that leads are placed in that give context to the ways you communicate with them.

Lists are public-facing, meaning that your leads can see the lists they are subscribed to when they click Unsubscribe or Edit your details in the footer of any email you send them.

Every lead should be subscribed to at least one list as best practice. This allows your leads to choose how they want to receive messages from you.

Example of lists:

Lists organize contacts into mailing groups

Note: There are two names for each list. The first is the internal name, shown only to you. The second is the public name, to help your leads understand what kind of messages they will receive.

There are many ways to subscribe leads to lists:

  • During a batch lead import
  • Based on a form submission or other action
  • One at a time in an individual lead profile
  • With an automation rule

Lists are used as a segmentation condition in many contexts:

  • To choose the recipients for an email
  • As a condition for an automation rule
  • As a split condition in an automated sequence flow
  • etc

Create your lists around types of communications that a lead would understand their subscription to, such as:

  • Product Updates
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Event Insiders 2023

Always keep the recipient's choice in mind when you create your lists.

Lists should be named and curated to encourage people to stay subscribed or opt out of information they’re not interested in. Unsubscribes can be scary, but they come with a bright silver lining – when a message you send is something your audience wants to hear, that's when you'll start seeing results.

Create or manage your lists

Go to Communications > Leads > Lists

  • Click the add List button in the bottom right of the screen to create a new list
  • Click the icon in the Actions column to delete an existing list. This deletes the list "container" only, it does not delete the leads subscribed to it.
  • Click the pencil icon in the Actions column to edit the internal or public name of an existing list
  • Click the hyperlinked number in the Active leads column to see all contacts currently subscribed to each list

Every email you send from your account has a link in the footer where the recipient can manage their subscription(s) to your email content. The link takes them to a page where they can update their contact information or their subscriptions, as shown in the following image.

List subscription management for your contacts

This view shows the importance of a list's public name! Always use names that help your leads understand the purpose of each list. Learn more about subscription management for your contacts.