Advanced automations dashboard

Advanced automations are standalone rules that can be triggered by a wide variety of events and lead behavior. Create new rules in Communications > Advanced automations.

Available triggers for each asset type include:


  • IF: Lead subscribes to list
  • IF: Lead unsubscribes from list


  • IF: Lead is assigned tag
  • IF: Lead is unassigned tag


  • IF: Lead fills form


  • IF: Lead subscribes to sequence
  • IF: Lead completes sequence
  • IF: Lead unsubscribes from sequence


  • IF: Lead clicks on a tracking link
  • IF: Lead clicks on page split test link
  • IF: Lead visits page


  • IF: Customer buys product
  • IF: Customer refunds product
  • IF: Customer partially refunds product
  • IF: Customer cancels subscription
  • IF: Customer requests cancellation
  • IF: Customer cancels cancellation request


  • IF: Lead plays video
  • IF: Lead completes video

Lead Score

  • IF: Lead reaches score for the first time


  • IF: Lead is granted access to membership
  • IF: Lead is revoked access to membership
  • IF: Lead completes access level


  • IF: Lead registers for a webinar
  • IF: Lead attended a webinar
  • IF: Lead did not attend a webinar
  • IF: Lead has watched the entire webinar
  • IF: Lead has not watched the entire webinar


  • IF: Lead registers to a calendar
  • IF: Lead completes subscription to a calendar
  • IF: Lead cancels subscription to a calendar


  • IF: Lead completes survey


  • IF: Affiliate signs up for product and gets first click
  • IF: JV broker signs up for product