Enable a replay recording in your webinar configuration.

To automatically send a link to your replay after the event, visit the webinar configuration wizard Notification step:

  1. Edit the Before and after reminders settings.
  2. Choose Yes, send reminders.
  3. Click + New reminder.
  4. Choose how long to wait after the scheduled session starts.

Scheduled Session Configuration in Webinars

  1. Set the replay notification timing
  2. Customize the contents of the email.
    • Pro tip: Use dynamic variables to add details that are unique to your event and your attendee, such as their name or the name of your webinar.
  3. Click Save.

Important: The email message must include the dynamic variable {webinar_replay_link}. When the message is delivered, the variable will be replaced with the unique link to the replay page. Without this variable, the recipient will not be able to access the replay.

Pro tip

Give your webinar emails a head start by customizing your global templates.

  1. Go to Email notifications in your account menu
  2. Click the To your leads tab
  3. Filter the templates by Webinar notification
  4. Edit the templates to add your branding and any other content that you want in every message. You will still be able to fine-tune the emails for each unique event in the webinar configuration process.
  5. Webinar notification email templates

Email Notifications Configuration

Replay Registration

Give access to your webinar replay after the event by sending attendees to the Replay registration page:

  1. Go to Webinars and find the event you want to share.
  2. Click on the three dot menu on the webinar to open the options.
  3. Select Recordings from the list.
  4. Choose the Session from the drop-down menu at the top.
  5. Copy the Replay registration linkto share it.
    • Pro tip: Click the pencil icon to customize the link with your domain name.

On the registration page, visitors:

  1. Enter their name and email address in the registration form.
  2. Click Register to submit their information and enter the Replay Room.

The visit is added to your webinar analytics and the user's contact details are captured as a lead in your account.