Use appointment synchronization to avoid double booking when you offer several classes or appointments at the same time from a single host.

If classes and calendars are synced, a booking in one schedule also blocks availability in the others.

How to prevent double-booking between Kartra calendars and classes

Find sync settings in the setup wizard for Consultant and Recurrent calendar types. This function is not available for the Gym or Live Event models.

Sync Kartra calendars with each other to prevent double-booking

  1. Go to Calendars
  2. Open the calendar you want to sync and go to the Schedule step
  3. Open the Sync appointments to avoid double-booking module (shown in the previous image)
  4. Choose between syncing availability between a single calendar or all calendars in your account

Sync appointments across multiple classes

Allows bookings in one class to block availability in all other classes in the same calendar.

  • If an appointment is booked for one class, the selected date and time will not be available in any other class within the same calendar.

Sync appointments across multiple classes and calendars

Allows bookings in any calendar or class in your account to block availability in the calendar where this setting is turned on.

  • This setting pulls information about availability from all other calendars and classes. Any time periods already claimed by an appointment in any other schedule will not be available in this one.


Using Sync across multiple calendars can cause your schedule to be blocked in ways you didn’t necessarily intend.

If another Kartra calendar (“Schedule B”) in your account has “sync with Google calendars” turned on, any time brought in by the Google sync will affect the availability in Schedule A as well.

Diagram: The flow of information between multiple Kartra calendars and Google calendar with sync turned on

If sync across multiple calendars is turned on in a calendar and some time slots aren’t available from your booking page without an obvious cause, check to see whether any other calendars have Google sync turned on.