Turn on Google calendar synchronization to help manage your time when some of your schedule is booked in Kartra and some from other sources.

Pro tip

All events on your Google calendar will appear as blocked time on your Kartra calendar schedule, including events set as “Free” time or “All day” in Google (watch out for those birthday reminders!).

To avoid accidentally blocking your Kartra booking availability, try creating a dedicated Google calendar just for the events you want to sync with Kartra. You can have multiple calendars in one Google account, making it easy to keep different schedules separate without losing the benefits of syncing.

Learn how to create new Google calendars: https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/37095?hl=en

How to sync Kartra calendar with Google calendar

Find Google sync settings in the setup wizard for all calendar types. Google calendar integration is required before completing these steps.

Turn on Google sync from the calendar setup wizard

  1. Go to Calendars
  2. Open the calendar you want to sync and go to the Schedule step
  3. Open the Sync with your Google Calendar module (shown in the previous image)
  4. Select Yes, sync with your Google calendar
    • For Class 1, select your Google integration and one or more calendars from the dropdown menus
  5. Repeat this for additional classes (if relevant). Separate class schedules can be synced to the same Google calendar or each to a different one.

Integration tips

If there are no integrations available in the Google dropdown, you may need to add one before you can turn this setting on. Go to Integrations in your account and connect with Google.

If you can select an integration, but no calendars are available, the authorization for Google Connect may have expired. In this case, you may need to delete your Google Calendar integration and create a new one to renew access permissions for Kartra.

After turning Google sync on, allow a minimum of 2 minutes for blocked time or bookings to appear across platforms. Syncing may take longer if there are a lot of events to update.

To remove a block from your Kartra calendar that came from the Google sync or vice versa, remove the original event from the calendar where it was created.

What to expect from syncing with Google calendar

  • Event blocks created in your Google calendar will prevent appointment times during the blocked period from appearing on the Kartra booking page. The blocks do not appear in your Kartra calendar schedule.
  • Sessions booked in Kartra appear on your Google calendar with the name and email address of the registrant. If a Meeting room was activated for the class, details for the meeting room are also displayed.

Google calendar event created by Kartra


Using the Google sync and Sync between calendars settings together can cause your schedule to be blocked in ways you didn’t necessarily intend.

If a Kartra calendar (“Schedule A”) in your account has “sync between all Kartra calendars and classes” turned on, blocked time in any other calendar that was brought in by a Google sync will affect Schedule A’s availability as well.

Diagram: The flow of information between multiple Kartra calendars and Google calendar with sync turned on

Removing Google sync

To turn off Google sync for a calendar or individual class, open the Calendar for editing and select No, don’t sync with your Google calendar at the Schedule step of the configuration.

If you disable Google sync in your calendar, any events booked in Kartra will disappear from the Google calendar. These appointments have not been canceled, they are simply no longer shared with Google. 

Any upcoming Kartra calendar booking times that were previously blocked by events in the Google calendar will appear as available again.