Visitors to your calendar booking page may see the message, “There are no more appointments available for this calendar.” This means that all appointment times are either filled or unavailable due to a setting in the calendar.

No more appointments alert

Appointments will not appear on the booking calendar if:

  • All sessions are full
    • Depending on the calendar model used, a session may allow only a single registrant or more than one. Check the calendar’s registrant list to verify the number of spots that are claimed.
    • If you are using the Gym or Live event models, you can increase the maximum registration for each Schedule by editing the calendar.
  • Dates with open spots are outside the minimum booking notice or maximum booking range (configured in the calendar Schedule settings)
  • Host availability is blocked by cross-calendar or Google calendar synchronization (configured in the calendar Sync appointments settings)

If a class is full, this alert helps guide potential registrants to another option. If registration is full, you may wish to add additional classes to give everyone a chance to sign up!