Turn billing ON in a helpdesk to give your customers a "My Orders" self-service area to manage their subscriptions and access payment history.

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Helpdesk ticketing is included with Kartra Growth, Professional, and Enterprise plans. Review or change your subscription in your account Billing.

In My Orders in a helpdesk, your customers can:

  • Review their purchase history
  • Download invoices from past payments
  • View their next billing date for recurring subscriptions
  • Update the credit card on file for an active recurring subscription
  • Request cancelation or a refund (if enabled)

My Orders in a Kartra helpdesk with self service billing

How to add self-service billing to a Kartra helpdesk

Turn on self service billing in a Kartra helpdesk

  1. Go to Helpdesks
  2. Open the helpdesk where you want to add billing support and go to the Self Billing step
  3. Open the Billing section module (shown in the previous image)
  4. Select Yes, display the billing section, and Save the module. More configuration fields appear below.
    • Choose whether to allow cancel and refund requests. Both types of requests can be automatically or manually completed.
  5. If 'Yes, allow' is selected for either refunds or cancelations, choose whether you want to allow automatic processing or will review each request individually.
    • Automatic: The request is automatically completed as soon as the customer requests it, except for a refund where the refund period has passed.
      • Refund period is defined in the configuration for each individual product. If a refund period has ended, refund requests will be automatically denied.
    • Manual: A ticket is created in a specified helpdesk department so your team can review it and either complete or reject the request.

Pro tip

  • Adding billing self-service to your helpdesk gives your customers a convenient way to manage their subscriptions from the same location where they interact with your support team.
  • If you don’t want to allow refund or cancelation requests as default options in the billing section, your customers can still submit tickets to request help from your team.