Kartra Sites allow you to group pages under a designated site name.

Pages in the Site can share some components and settings when you import or export the elements, letting you quickly update things like navigation menus or tracking codes across all or some of the pages at once.

Adding pages to a Site does not automatically link the pages together to create a traditional website experience – think of Kartra Sites as folders that contain all the pages that belong to a specific project. 

Pro tip

Sites can be used to group all the pages in a campaign or other project, not just a formal website. Use them to organize content in any way you wish!

To link pages together to form a traditional website, add header and/or footer navigation menus with links to all the pages in your Site. This will allow visitors to move through the various parts of the website.

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Add pages to a Site

Assign pages to the Site folder in one of two places:

Option 1: Select a Site from the drop-down menu on the launch screen when you open or create a page. When a site is selected, an option to import global elements appears.

Assign a page to a site on the name screen

Option 2: Inside the page builder, click Sites in the left side menu

  1. Select a Site from the drop-down menu
  2. Click Apply to assign the page

Assign a page to a site from inside the page builder

When a page has been assigned to a Site, the Sites panel in the page builder converts to a management screen. You can import or export global site elements from the Sites panel to sync codes or components that are shared across multiple pages in the same site.

Remove pages from a Site

To remove pages from a site, go to Pages

  1. Click Edit sites at the bottom of the page dashboard menu
  2. Locate the Site you want to edit and click the pencil icon in the Actions column

    Edit a site to remove pages
  3. Click the drop-down menu to see the pages assigned to the site

    Click to deselect pages and remove them
  4. Click to deselect pages to remove them
  5. Click the checkmark to save your changes and Done to close the window

Note: Removing a page from a site does not automatically remove global elements that were previously synced to it. 

To remove menus, styles, or other content related to the original Site, open the page and manually delete or edit anything you no longer want (see the following section for more details).

Global site elements

Learn how to import or export global site elements.

Elements that can be imported from or exported to other pages in a Site include:

Default styles, Custom styles

  • View or edit in the page builder under Styles

SEO parameters, Tracking codes

  • View or edit in the page builder under Settings

Header menu, Footer, Bottom bar

  • Add as page Sections. Edit in the builder canvas.


  • Add or edit in the page builder under Settings

Landing popup, Exit popup

  • Add or edit in the page builder under Settings