Use Campaigns to share or sell the content you create in Kartra. You can package fully configured marketing funnels, page and email templates, and any other creative content built on the Kartra framework.

How to share Kartra content templates

  1. Go to Campaigns > My campaigns and locate the one you want to share

    Share a campaign
  2. Click the three dots on the asset tile and select Share
  3. Accept the agreement: You hold the rights to all content in the campaign, you will support those it is shared with, and you will only share it with those who want it.
  4. On the next screen, choose whether to send the campaign directly to one user or to generate a share code that can be sent to many users.

Transfer campaign

Enter another Kartra user’s account email address or username to send them the campaign.

  • The recipient receives an email notifying them that they have a new campaign.
  • A message appears in their account Alerts panel notifying them of the new campaign
  • In Available campaigns in the recipient's account, the campaign appears as Pending acceptance. They can view the asset summary and accept or reject the campaign.

Accept vs reject

  • Accepted campaigns are immediately available to deploy in the recipient’s account
  • Rejected campaigns disappear from the recipient’s account. If a campaign was rejected by mistake, you can send it to them again.

Generate a share code

A share code is automatically generated that you can share with other Kartra users. 

  • A counter shows the number of times the code has been redeemed
  • Generate multiple codes to track redemption from different distribution channels.
  • Delete a code to take it out of circulation. Anyone who tries to use a deleted code will see an error in the import process.

Restrict a share code to one use

To generate a locked share code:

  1. Click the toggle to Activate the one-download-only locking feature
  2. Click Generate new code. The new code will appear with a checkmark in the locked column. It can only be used one time.

Restricted share codes are marked with a checkmark

Existing share codes cannot be locked retroactively. If you accidentally created a code without turning on the lock feature, delete it and create a new code using the process above.