Important: Content must be created in the membership builder before you can schedule posts. If you have not done this yet, go to the Content step of a membership asset wizard and add categories and posts.

Membership posts can be released immediately to new members or scheduled for release over time. Scheduling content is sometimes called “drip-feeding.” One benefit of this method is that your members receive the content in small chunks, encouraging them to stay focused on each section.

Each post is assigned an unlock setting:

  • Instant access: Instantly upon signup (Default)
  • Dynamic schedule: X days after signup
  • Fixed schedule: On a specific date

Edit the release schedule for posts

Schedule post content

Open the membership wizard to schedule posts:

  1. Go to Memberships and click the three dots on an asset to open its menu
  2. Click Edit and go to the Access levels step of the configuration
  3. Click Change to open the Membership access levels module (shown in the previous image)
  4. On the right side of the module, click the schedule field to pop up a selection window and choose the schedule for the post

    Choose when you want a post to unlock
    • Your choice will auto-save when you click outside the selection window
  5. Save the Membership access levels module to continue

Configure options for dynamic or fixed scheduling

If you selected dynamic or fixed scheduling, new options appear in the wizard to manage locked posts and customize a new post notification email to your members.

  1. Complete the Managing locked posts module to choose how members to display posts that have not been released yet.
  2. Choose whether to Notify your members when a post unlocks and add the email sender details if needed.
  3. Customize the Notification email contents to add your branding or custom wording.
    • Use language that is generic and not specific to a single post in your membership. The same email template is sent each time a new post is unlocked in the membership.
  4. Save all modules, then click Save and Next to finish the rest of the setup wizard.