AI text generation is available in your account’s page builder. To access it, open any page or create a new one.

Take note
  • Kartra AI writes personalized copy for your page, including headlines and other text content.
  • To use Kartra AI, you must add a template and/or other layout elements to the page first. When you are happy with the structure and layout of your page, use Kartra AI to add text content.

Use Kartra AI to write content in three modes:

  • For the entire page, click the AI button in the left-side menu to open the tool.
  • For all content in columns, click the toggle at the top of the page builder to turn Edit columns ON. Click the AI magic icon in the mouseover column menu.
    • Important: There must be at least one text component inside the column to populate with the AI content.
  • For individual components like text boxes, toggle Edit columns OFF and click the AI magic icon in the mouseover component menu.

All three modes open the same Kartra AI panel, but the generated content will only fill the area associated with the button you used to launch the tool.

Kartra AI in full page mode

Click the AI icon in the sidebar to run the generator on the full page.

Hover over an area and click the AI magic button

Click the AI magic button to run the generator on a column or component.

Generate content

In the AI panel, enter a prompt to tell Kartra AI what kind of writing you need. Make your request as specific as possible.

Before you submit the prompt:

  1. Select a tone (to influence how the generated results “sound” and “feel”)
  2. Select a language for the generated content
  3. Use the toggle to choose whether to include your AI Business Settings in the request

Click Use Kartra AI to submit the prompt. The AI-generated results will automatically populate in the components on your page where eligible.

Pro tip

  • If you’re new to writing prompts for AI, check out Kartra AI FAQ for some helpful tips.
  • Some components that do not use text as their primary function, like buttons, cannot be populated by Kartra AI.

Refine your results

You can edit the AI-generated results by editing page components as you normally would, or you can ask the AI to refine them first.

To refine the generated results:

  1. Enter instructions in the AI panel to tell Kartra AI how to adjust the message. 
    • For example, you can ask it to improve the results with directions like: “make it shorter,” “use simpler language,” or “use bullet points.”
  2. Click Regenerate to replace the content with new results.
  3. Continue to refine or click Accept content to accept the AI-generated results.

Review the page carefully to make sure everything is correct and complete. You can continue editing the page, finish and save it, or start over completely by running the AI again.

Pro tip

If you want to keep some parts of the page and fully regenerate others, copy the pieces you like and save them to a separate document before running the AI again, or run the AI only on individual text components or columns.

  • Each time you run the AI tool to replace or refine the results, all content in the affected area will be replaced.