KartraMail is the built-in mail system that powers all Kartra email delivery, eliminating the need for a separate SMTP service.

Take note

KartraMail does not include a function to receive and manage replies from your customers or prospects. If you want to engage with the recipients of your emails, add a reply-to address to the KartraMail configuration that has an inbox that will allow you to receive and manage replies. We recommend that you use a branded business email address.

Configure KartraMail

KartraMail is the default email delivery gateway for every Kartra account. It is used to deliver every email message sent from your account, including marketing mail (broadcasts and sequence email) and activity notifications. 

To configure the sender and reply-to details for messages sent with KartraMail:

  1. In Kartra, go to Integrations
  2. Locate the KartraMail module
    KartraMail three dot menu configuration
  3. A green checkmark on the module indicates that the service is active
  4. Click the three dots to open the menu and select Edit
  5. Add your custom sender details to the gateway configuration. These are the details that appear in a recipient’s inbox when they receive your message to tell them it's from you
    1. Sender name (your name or business name)
    2. Send-from email address (your primary business email address)
    3. Reply-to email address (a valid address where you can receive replies)
  6. Test the configuration and click Edit in the top right corner to save your changes

KartraMail setup configuration menu

  • The send-from and reply-to email addresses must be custom business addresses. Custom business addresses are those that contain your own domain name, like hello@yourdomain.com. Free addresses such as Gmail or Yahoo are not accepted here.
  • Both addresses entered in the configuration must be on the same domain. For example:
    • Send-from: jane@doeinc.com
    • Reply-to: support@doeinc.com 
  • Authenticate the custom email domain to ensure deliverability.
    • Critical: Deliverability to some recipients may be severely impacted if domain authentication is not complete.
    • Learn more about email sender authentication, including DKIM, SPF, and DMARC records.
  • The test operation from the gateway confirmation checks to make sure the mail server is operational. The test message you receive will be sent from notifications@kartra.com, not the custom sender details entered in the configuration.

Kartra Placeholder Email

The KartraMail configuration is prefilled with a placeholder sender address based on the username of your account and the kartra.com domain.

This placeholder can be used as the sender for mail from your account, but it has no other function. There is no inbox associated with the placeholder address where you can receive or manage responses. If your customers or prospects reply to a kartra.com placeholder address, their reply will be undeliverable.

Best Practice Recommendation:

  • Create a custom business email address with your domain provider. Make sure that you have an inbox for the address where live messages can be received and managed. If you’re not sure how to do this, check with the service where you purchased your domain.
  • Add the custom address to your KartraMail configuration to use it as the default sender for your account. This will add your brand to your emails so people know your messages are coming from you!