Payment gateways are services integrated with your account that let you collect payments from customers online. Each time you create a new product, a payment gateway must be selected for the checkout to work.

How to delete a payment gateway

Delete a payment gateway

To delete a payment gateway:

  1. Go to Integrations and locate the integration you want to delete
  2. Click the three dots on the asset tile to open the menu
  3. Select Delete. You will be asked to confirm the action before it is completed

Some conditions are required to delete the integration:

  • Any recurring subscriptions sold through the gateway have ended.
  • Refund period(s) for any product sold through the gateway have ended. The refund period for each product is defined in its configuration.

If an active subscription or refund period is dependent on a payment gateway, you will not be able to delete the gateway. When all dependencies have ended, the gateway will be eligible for deletion.