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Memberships: OptimizePress

Integrating OptimizePress into Kartra requires three components from OptimizePress:

  • An API key
  • The URL for your OptimizePress installation.
  • Membership ID: the Kartra/OptimizePress integration is specific to a single membership access level, so we recommend you to create a new integration for each access level you wish to add to your membership.  As a result, each integration will require its unique membership ID from OptimizePress.

In Kartra, when you click the New Integration option for OptimizePress, you will see the following fields:

2018 09 05 1750

OptimizePress is a plugin for WordPress. As such, you need to enter the URL pointing to the exact place where WordPress has been installed in your domain. For example: or or whatever it might be.

Paste that into the "URL to WordPress integration" field

2018 09 05 1753

Here's how to collect your OptimizePress API key:

  1. At the Add-On section in your WordPress, go to: OptimizeMember > API / Scripting > Pro API for remote operations. Note: OptimizePress 2 and/or WordPress may have change their interface by the time you read this documentation, but there should still be an API section with the key information.
  2. Copy the API key from the Pro API for remote operations.

Once you have the API, go back to the original tab with Kartra, you will need to paste the "API Key" into the modal window.

2018 09 05 1802

Since this integration will be specific to a pre-designated Membership level, you will need to specify that Membership ID.

2018 09 05 1803

To find the Membership ID, go back to Add-Ons in your WordPress. First select "General Options" and then "Define Membership Levels and Packages". Example: If you want to use Level #0 (Free Subscribers) the membership ID will be 0. Level #1 will be Membership ID 1. And so on...

Final step: revoking access! While a membership level is usually granted upon a purchase, it is also necessary to have a default action in case the customer cancels/refunds that very purchase. OptimizePress offers two options in this regard: delete or downgrade.

Deleting will delete the user altogether. However, a downgrade will set the user to another membership ID of your choice.

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