If you lose access to your phone or the authenticator app that is connected to your account, you can log in using your recovery code.

The recovery code was provided when you set up multi-factor authentication.

Log in at app.kartra.com

  1. Enter your account email address and password to log in
  2. On the verification screen, click Try another method
  3. Select Recovery code
    • Enter your recovery code in the field. You were prompted to save this code when you set up multi-factor authentication for your account.
  4. Click Continue
    • Copy and save the new recovery code in a safe place. The original code you used to log in today is no longer valid.
  5. Click Log in


Your recovery code is a single-use backup key for your account. Use it to log in to your account and reset MFA if you have a new mobile phone or need to choose a new authenticator app to manage your passcodes.

Once a recovery code is used, it cannot be used again. A new recovery code will be generated immediately after you use one, so you will always have a recovery key for future use.